A Short Parable About Coaching

“People often ask what’s the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy.  Here’s a short parable that clears up the mystery.”

A grown man, who had never learned how, decided that it was time to learn how to ride a bike.

Being a businessman himself, he first turned to a consultant.  The consultant explained the dynamics of balancing on a bike and how the gears worked.  But the man left unsure about how he was going to coordinate this technology and be able to ride a bike without hurting himself.

Next, he consulted a therapist.  The therapist wanted to explore his childhood and figure out what happened in his past to prevent him from learning how to ride a bike.  While he agreed that exploring his fears might be helpful, the man didn’t think it would teach him how to actually ride a bike.

Lastly, the man went to a coach who put him on a bike and gave him a running start.  The coach ran alongside the bike as well. Every time the man fell off the bike, the coach got him back on it.  This off and on continued until the man no longer fell off the bike and was riding on his own.

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